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An exceptional personality

Murshed is an amazing personality. He has worked for Source Edge Limited as Management Consultant for several years. His level of commitment, calmness and deep knowledge in the industry attracted me most.

Subrata Ghosh
CEO, Source Edge Limited

Lucky to work under him

I would say its my good luck to work under such caring and understanding head. He is a example of real smart and heart of codemate. its pretty hard to take care of each individuals' personal and career issues after having such load of managing the whole organisation, but i found him doing this always with a ease and ensuring smile. I learned a lot from him. God bless him and keep him smiling like this ever.

Mahmudur Rahman Manna
Enterprise Solutions Architect, EUSIA

A person with amazing interpersonal skills

M. Murshed Haider is an excellent human being and very professional, soft skilled person. His aptitude of quick and perspicacious decision making put him to stand out of crowd. His interpersonal communication makes all the employees comfortable to their work. He knows which extent he needs to supervise and how to delegate the authority and retain the freedom of work process among the teams. His articulation is very convincing and audience specific. He has become one of the most promising motivational speakers in our country as well.

Shafique Ahmed Faruque
Technical Leader in an Int'l Software Company, Malaysia

A proven leader

Mr. M Murshed is a detail oriented leader and an amazing people to work in a company. His proven leadership skills have kept the codemate Dhaka team united. He is superb cool and listen to everyone in proper manner and take the right decision to resolve the conflicts inside the organization. He is the core contact point with overseas team and he manages it efficiently.

He is a good mentor under whom anyone can safely build his career and he ensures the growth and betterment of his company mates. I am really thankful for him for his great attitude and direction during the span of my career with codemate. I wish him all the success in his future endeavors!

Tauhidul Islam James
Towers Watson, Australia

A Helping Hand

I met Murshed bhai back in 2013 before the career fair in our University. From the very beginning, I was amused to see his personality, depth of knowledge and helping hand mentality. He is such a mentor who frequently goes beyond professionalism to expand the wings of cooperation. His presentation skills, positive attitude and networking skill made me a big fan of him.

I wish a bright future of this great man.

Syed Abdullah Shaon
Territory Officer, British American Tobacco Bangladesh

A Great Mentor

I've known Mr. Haider since childhood. He was and still is a great mentor. His passion and dedication for Bangladesh's development is rare to find now days. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Mubashar Hasan
Founder and CEO,

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An outstanding personality

M Murshed Haider is an excellent human being. I was his classmate; he was very cooperative and good team member as well as leader. His presentation and motivation skills attracted me. I was amused to see his personality, depth of knowledge and helping hand mentality. His passion and dedication for Bangladesh's development is rare to find now days. I wish him all the success in his future endeavors.

Al Amin
Associate Professor, University of Dhaka

An inspiring Leader

A leader like Mr. M Murshed Haider is rare to find. I was lucky enough to get such a magnificent, inspiring and talent leader in my career. I found him the person who is respected by each and every person in the company. The most positive thing is i can share anything with him for his great friendly attitude. His art of speaking, listening approach, motivating approach, decision making, viewpoint, ability of right judgment, everything is simply amazing! I see him as the heart of this company, without whom we can not even think of. I wish him to achieve every success in his life.

Amit Kumar Das
Lead QA Engineer, Vizrt

A person always looking for improvement

He is open, keeps in touch with all of us and we frequently exchange feedback on how we are doing, what is working in the team or what needs to be changed.

M Murshed Haider is always looking to improve and find ways on how to do his job better. I was impressed and happily surprised that he came to us for advice on how he can accomplish that.

He is the one of person who is not only improve himself but also improve his surrounds.

Saeed Ahmed
Consultant, Altran, Germany