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HOW TO get yourself prepared at pre-interview stage

From the date of your job application till the day before your interview is termed as Pre-interview stage. This stage is very important in order to be successful in the job interview. Here are FIVE TIPS on how to get yourself prepared before any job interview. 1. Customize your CV: ...

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HOW TO Avoid Office Politics

Fayaz could not get promotion for last two years even though his performance was excellent and his promotion was due. Shafquat was transferred to a department intentionally so that he cannot perform well and it can lead to get him fired from the company. Afsana was treated badly just because ...

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HOW TO be a great Manager

It is often said that great people don’t do different things, they just do things differently.  Whether you are corporate professional or business personnel, you need to manage people efficiently. Different people use different techniques but if you observe great managers, they do have some commonalities amongst themselves.  01. To ...

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HOW TO retain your best employees

Last week, I was watching an interview of the one and only STEVE JOBS, the founder of APPLE.  He was talking about the team that works in Apple and how everyone shares ideas, exchanges views and have constructive arguments. The interviewer asked ‘Do you win all the arguments?’ Steve smiled ...

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