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HOW TO get yourself prepared at pre-interview stage

From the date of your job application till the day before your interview is termed as Pre-interview stage. This stage is very important in order to be successful in the job interview. Here are FIVE TIPS on how to get yourself prepared before any job interview.

1. Customize your CV: You should always customize your CV according to the Job position that you are applying for. I’ve seen many guys using the same CV while applying for different positions. Of course it can be same only if the nature of job and job responsibilities are almost same.

2. Save the Job Advertisement: You should always keep the newspaper cut or save the soft copy of the job advertisement. This is extremely important. This will help you preparing in a better way before the interview day.

3. Do some Research: You should try to know as much as you can regarding the Company that you applied for a job position. Information like year of establishment, types of products and/or services produced or offered by the company, job environment, salary structure and so on will help you making your decision and comparing with the similar job offer that you currently have.

4. Find out what type of interview it is: It’s important to know about the type of interview that you are going to face. What is the length of the interview, who will be in the interview board, whether the interview is fully a technical interview or not, whether there will be any written test followed by the interview or not. If you are intelligent enough, you should find out the ways to get all these info.

5. Confirm date, time and location: It’s vital to know exactly the date, time and place of the interview. Bigger companies have several office locations, so be sure about the right place. Also, try to find out whom should you report to. Check the map from google and get info regarding how to reach there and the transport options. If possible, visit the place one or two days beforehand.

If you can follow these tips, you’ll be one step ahead of other candidates who are also competing for the same post that you have applied for.


About M Murshed Haider, FCMI

M Murshed Haider, FCMI is a prominent Corporate Coach, Motivational Speaker and Writer. He helps organizations and individuals to achieve higher productivity by sharing experiences from his 12+ years of experience in different sectors of corporate world in home and abroad.

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