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Corporate Training

Being an experienced Corporate Coach, I always love to help individuals and corporates to improve their productivity and to move on their career path through personal development. Here are some of the skill set that I can take care of:

Category 1: Business Communication

  1. Powerful Communication Skills for Success
  2. Killer Presentation Skills
  3. Rules for being a great speaker
  4. Effective Report Writing Techniques
  5. Secrets of power point presentation that makes the difference
  6. How to prepare for a Business Meeting

Category 2: Personality & Productivity Development

  1. Secrets to become Highly Professional Manager
  2. Interpersonal Skills for Professionals to reach the TOP
  3. Amazing techniques to increase your Productivity
  4. Be a better negotiator and be the WINNER
  5. Develop Organizational Leadership and Managerial Communication

Category 3: Human Resource & Organizational Development

  1. Corporate Etiquette and Personal Grooming for Success
  2. Secrets of Time and Stress management at work place
  3. Management Skill Development for HR & Administrative Professionals
  4. Mastering Recruitment, Selection & Performance Appraisal System of HR
  5. Enhancing Secretarial and Administrative Skills
  6. Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006 (as amended)
  7. How to Manage Payroll effectively
  8. Techniques of Conflict Management
  9. HR Management and Organizational Behavior for RMG Factories
  10. Developing effective HR Policies
  11. Basic Concepts of HR

Category 4: Career Planning, Counseling & Development

  1. Your Resume, Your Marketing
  2. Exposing Interview Secrets
  3. Effective ways of Job Hunting
  4. Learning Corporate Culture
  5. 100 Rules to become a polished Professional

Category 5: Marketing, Sales and Customer Management

  1. Secrets of Influencing Customer Behavior
  2. Techniques of Branding your product or service
  3. Mastering Strategic Selling through Relationship Management
  4. Learning Marketing techniques to double the Sales
  5. 24 Techniques for Closing the Sale
  6. Increasing profit through top-class Customer Service
  7. Effective Procurement, Inventory & Logistics Management
  8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  9. Mastering Customer Service Skills
  10. Customer Service – create the WOW
  11. Telephone courtesies and Disciplines
  12. Fundamentals of Marketing
  13. Getting success through e-Commerce
  14. Effective Branding Techniques for Success

Category 6: Business & Leadership Management

  1. How to Manage, Motivate and Lead a Winning Team
  2. 21 irrefutable law of Leadership
  3. Secrets of Building a winning Team
  4. Be the Manager who can make the DIFFERENCE
  5. Be the CEO who can make the DIFFERENCE

Category 7: Others

  1. Train the Trainer Course
  2. Business Plan Development Workshop
  3. How to Be An Outstanding Receptionist
  4. Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals
  5. Professional Analysis, Reporting and Presentation: Powered by MS Excel 2007 & PowerPoint 2007
  6. How to influence others and win people